• Shop, relax, eat and explore your way through Manila

    by - May 22, 2017
    On this week’s travels with Mango Tours, we take you through the Philippine capital. This bustling city bursts at the seams with historical sites, pampering hospitality, shopping and traditional food options galore. Here in Manila, you can start and...
  • Book your next getaway with Mango Tours

    by - May 8, 2017
    It’s a big day for Mango Tours, the travel agency known for providing some of the best travel deals to the Philippines and beyond. In San Mateo, CA, the company opened its newest office and held...
  • Balitang Travels to Bohol, Philippines

    by - Apr 25, 2017
    This week on Travels: although Earth Day has already passed, visitors can still enjoy the beauty of the Philippines! In the tropical Bohol, cruise down exotic rivers, visit the famous chocolate hills, see tarsiers in their...
  • Touring the green, eco-friendly Puerto Princesa

    by - Apr 10, 2017
    On this week’s Travels with Mango Tours, we take you to the green city of Puerto Princesa. From an eco-garden, to one of the world’s longest underground rivers, this island destination’s natural attractions guarantee a journey to some...
  • Visiting Queen City of the South: Cebu

    by - Mar 27, 2017
    On this week’s BA Travels with Mango Tours, we take you to Cebu — a top islander destination in the Philippines, known for its natural attractions, history, relaxing amenities, and its world-famous lechon. Let’s find out why this island proudly...
  • Exploring the island of Boracay, where summer never ends

    by - Mar 16, 2017
    With sandy white beaches, crystal clear waters, and a variety of adventures, the tropical island of Boracay awaits you. We explore all that the never-ending-summer island has to offer, with a luxurious stay at beach-front resort Astoria...
  • 4 reasons why you should visit Palawan

    by - Feb 20, 2017
    The beautiful island of Palawan continues to be a favorite destination spot for travelers to the Philippines. A few major reasons why? Check out the Puerto Princesa Underground River and limestone formations, the Coron hospitality, the...
  • Exploring the charms of Bohol

    by - Feb 7, 2017
    by Marianne Domingo   Staying at De Grand Resort Bohol is not just about spending time inside a relaxing hotel all day. Let’s check out some of the many eye-opening sights you can find all over Bohol island!...
  • Escaping to Boracay’s Villa Caemilla

    by - Jan 23, 2017
    This week on, on BA Travels with Mango Tours, we check into a beachfront resort on the island of Boracay, that promises an unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Let’s visit Villa Caemilla....Read More
  • Mango Tours opens first kiosk in Southern California

    by - Dec 19, 2016
    CHULA VISTA, CA — Mango Tours just opened up a new, state-of-the-art kiosk inside the Seafood City in Chula Vista, CA. As the first in Southern California, several more kiosks are expected to open up throughout the US. “We...