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  • sfpd
    by - Oct 26, 2016 SAN FRANCISCO – The Philippine Exchange Training Program has been cut short after a 16-year relationship between officers of the San Francisco Police Department and the Philippine National Police. Interim Chief Toney Chaplin decided to stop the program due to “concerns over allegations of civil rights and human rights...
  • duterte-reax
    by - Oct 21, 2016 President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent pronouncement that the Philippines is separating from its closest ally, the United States is getting some mixed reactions from Filipinos in America. Some want the Philippines to become more independent and support Duterte’s efforts while others think it’s unwise to break free from a long-time...
  • trumpphilippines
    by - Oct 21, 2016 NORTH CAROLINA – Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump blames failed U.S. foreign policy for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent move to break ties with the United States and instead side with China and Russia. Trump spoke Friday at a campaign event in Fletcher, N.C. when he took yet another jab...
  • finaldebate
    by - Oct 20, 2016 In the road to the White House, US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas. Both candidates were grilled on substantive issues like immigration and foreign hotspots, but Trump’s response to a question on the peaceful transition of...
  • jay-on-duterte
    by - Oct 20, 2016 Professor Jay Gonzalez, a political expert from Golden Gate University says President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration to cut U.S. ties could actually be beneficial to the Philippines. He says the U.S. could try to woo the Philippines back as one of its closest allies and could prove to be a...



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